Process - Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc.


Step  01

01 Planning / Design


The main purpose of using 3D software in the designing is to be able to accurately define each detailed part of the vessel in order to avoid mistakes such as inconsistency of adjacent parts and difficulty in production process.

Step  02

02 Steel Processing


The construction of a hull involves complex works equipped with advance technologies. (Shot Blasting, NC Cutting, Heat Bending)

Step  03

03 Hull Fabrication


The shaped steel plates are then passed to the fabrication shops where they are assembled into units and parts the fabricated as hull block.

Step  04

04 Pre-Outfitting


Outfitting techniques are used to produce more complex units already equipped with pipes and other fittings.

Step  05

05 Hull Erection


Prefabricated blocks are transferred to the building berth to form the hull of the ship. Transfer may be made by crane or special vehicle (e.g. Kamag block carrier). Portable automatic electric arc welding machines and manual electric arc welding are then used to assemble the units.

Step  06

06 Accommodation Loading


The whole Accommodation of the ship has five storeys and each is fabricated separately with its interior. Then, it will be loaded into the vessel by a floating crane before launching.

Step  07

07 Launching


At an appropriate stage, normally after the completion of the hull and superstructure and the installation of some of the parts and machinery, the ship will be launched. Christening is often conducted during the Launching or during Delivery.

Step  08

08 Hull Outfitting


After the launching, the ship enters the outfitting phase. This is the time when there is a great deal of activity installing and protecting a considerable amount of parts and equipment.

Step  09

09 Sea Trial


Before the ship will be delivered to its owner, it must undergo sea trial during which shipyard workers go onboard to engage testing of all parts of the ship to ensure that everything is satisfactorily operational.

Step  10

10 Delivery


After a ceremony at the bridge of the ship, with the entire owner’s excellent assessment, the ship will sail out from her maiden voyage going to its homeport. Delivered ships are guaranteed of its superior performance and quality.