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Top Message - Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc.

President and Chairman Akihiko Mishima

President and Chairman Akihiko Mishima

It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you all to our 25th Anniversary to celebrate an important milestone in Tsuneishi’s history.

Tsuneishi Heavy Industries was established in 1994 with only 18 Filipino employees. As of today, employment scaled up to more than 12,000 employees including affiliates and subcontractors. Since inception, THI has already delivered 278 ships. And what makes this year 2019 more meaningful, THI has successfully delivered our first 1900 TEU container ship. All of those are proudly made in Balamban and through the efforts of my dedicated and hardworking employees.

Of course, there have been many paths that were slightly difficult for THI or to shipbuilding industries in general. To survive in today’s strong competition, we must make our products more distinctive, high quality and cost competitive. This is a great challenge for us but I am confident that THI can achieve this through teamwork and collaboration among Filipino and Japanese workforce.

THI is committed to our company’s mission which is: To be loved by our clients; To be loved by our community and to be loved by our fellow employees. As we develop for a stable business we also ensure that our community progress with us and more importantly we considered our employees as family.

We are indeed very fortunate to be in partnership with the Aboitiz group. It is rightly said that it doesn’t matter where you go but what matters is whom you have beside you. I take pride in saying that what we have is the best and extraordinary partnership.

Before I conclude, I would like to express my thanks to the Japanese and Filipino Staffs who previously work with us for their contribution to the success of THI. Appreciate for your coming to join us in celebrating.

To our respectable clients who have given their trust and confidence. Words cannot be found to express our gratitude.

To the Philippine government, to the Province of Cebu and to the Municipality of Balamban. We will be forever grateful for your hospitality and support.

Last but not the least, I want to recognize my THI Employees that has worked tirelessly for the accomplishment of the company. Not every day I get the chance to interact with you and this is my very good chance to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s make this day a treat for ourselves and let’s have a wonderful celebration!!!