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President Yasuaki Seto

President Yasuaki Seto

This year we shall pursue our corporate philosophy"Developing stable businesses to ensure the happiness of employees" and focus on three important items: Safety First, Stable Operation, and Ship-building preparation for new type of vessels.

Safety First: We will continue to prioritize Safety as this contributes the highest impact to Quality Cost Delivery Safety Environment (QCDSE) on construction management. Accidents and disasters have detrimental effect on schedule, quality, and cost; hence, we will re-evaluate existing Risks Assessment and implement countermeasures accordingly.

Stable Operation: We have started a 3-year action plan focusing on quality and production schedules to enable a much stable ship-building operation. We will invest on facilities that minimize risks in times of disaster and product transport.

Preparation for Methanol Dual Fuel vessels: We will invest on new shipbuilding facilities for new type of vessels with Dual Fuel engines aiming to maintain and enhance Lifetime Value of our vessels which benefits our customers and support environmental causes as an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) based management. We are collaborating with the Japan Headquarters for consultation and preparation of the Dual Fuel vessels.

Additionally, we will continue to pursue improvements on productivity and increase in the number of vessels built to expand our business in the future.

Let us all be united as we move forward to 2024 and beyond.