Ship Repair

Ship Repair - Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc.

Ship Repair

To cater Repairs for Domestic Vessels in the Region, THICI’s Ship Repair operations started on March 1996 and until present. The Ship Repair is equipped with a Floating Dock Facility that can handle various types of vessels for repair such as cargo ships, tankers, passenger ships (ferries), barges and landing craft tank with the following services being offered:

  • Dry-docking
  • Blasting & Painting Works
  • Hull Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs & Overhauling
  • Rudder & Propulsion Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Afloat Repairs

Floating Dock Facility

Lifting Capacity8,500 T
LOA138.5 M
Breadth23.4 M
Draft14.8 M
CraneFloating Dock Portal Cranes (P/S) 3T