What has been passed on was not only skills,but also the idea of Japanese 'Monotsukuri' craftsmanship

New employees learn not only about their job at THI but also about TSUNEISHI GROUP’s history and culture.
New employees mainly come from Balamban and its surrounding towns such as Toledo and Asturias.
The training block is used to improve the ability to detect hazardous conditions.
About 300 people are regularly learning welding and cutting at the Training Center.

The first step we made in the company seems like a long time ago. We have continued facing our challenges with national pride.

Charlie Ombao
General Manager of Factory Support Dept.

I remember the days when we were dredging the area for Slipway 1 and the surrounding seabed. We struggled with only primitive tools for the work as THI could not afford to purchase an expensive dredger then. However the idea that we were building the first ocean-going ship in the Philippines kept us tackling the work. I think it is important that THI keeps this hungry challenging spirit for the next 20 years.

Marino Gutib
General Manager of IQA-Machinery & Electric

I became involved in the construction of a mid-size ocean-going vessel, the first such vessel in the Philippines, shortly after 6 months’ technical training in Japan in 1994. It was a bold challenge as all of us workers knew little about shipbuilding. We strove to keep the work on schedule under the guidance of 3 Japanese engineers and the job gave us confidence when we completed it. Now THI aims to become a world-leading shipbuilder in the next 20 years.

Michael Herald Abejar
General Manager of Machinery & Electric Dept.

When THI was founded, we tried instilling Japanese work ethics and attitude in the Philippine engineers and workers, which was not easy. At the same time we encouraged the Japanese staff to better understand the Philippine culture so that they worked closely. I was delighted when I took charge of wiring the temporary facility with used cables from K & A METAL INDUSTRIES, Inc.
THI is still a new company compared to other shipbuilders in the world but we hope to grow to be a leading company one day.

Ramil Roa
General Manager of Factory Cost Control & Planning Dept.

Initially we struggled to properly apply the skills and techniques we learned as we were not familiar with shipbuilding. We also learned from our Japanese colleagues how to work more diligently. Their sincere attitude toward work is very impressive and I was very much influenced by them. Japanese work ethics are worth learning in particular if you never worked in an organization before.
I strongly believe THI will further expand and one day will become a Top shipbuilder in the world.

Reynaldo Aniñon
General Manager of Pre-Outfitting Project

I was involved in the construction of THI’s first vessel, SC001 and I can still recall with such pleasure the day we launched the first ocean-going commercial ship in the Philippines. Successful delivery of this vessel was significant news not only to us but also to the country. At every launch ceremony, often attended by the President, I feel so honored to be part of the economic development of our nation.
THI will now aim for the high productivity, similar to that in Japan and other competing countries, with a world leading product quality.