The happiness of its employees and the surrounding community,is THI's ultimate goal.

THI helps in the construction of local schools with a mind to nurture young people who may one day become responsible for the company’s future.

Balamban Campus of the University of San Jose-Recoletos opened in June 2009. THI fully sponsored the construction work of the campus.
Balamban Campus of the University of San Jose-Recoletos maintains a high level of academic standard in a pleasant environment. Approx. 800 students are studying here.

THI gives long-term and varied support for the improvement of local education and schooling.

THI considers investment for local education such as the construction or repair of classrooms and scholarships for high school and university education is very important.

THI is deeply involved in supporting the local medical provision to protect local people’s health.

Supporting and improving the local medical services such as Balamban Hospital and the maternity clinic is important for the welfare of THI’s employees and their families as well as for the local people.

THI is fully committed to supporting various volunteering activities including the tree planting projects and emergency relief during natural disasters.

THI is fully supporting its employees' volunteering activities.

THI is also committed to helping its employees grow and have good lives.

THI treats its employees as family members, learning and growing together.That is why they are encouraged to learn about Japanese culture. Tsuneishi is improving the living environment of the employees to ensure their stability.