Every vessel produced in THI is highly valued by the shipping industry all over the world.

This bulk carrier can transport not only grain, coal, iron ore and steel products but also logs. The vessel is equipped with fixed or collapsible stanchions to secure the logs, depending on the loading conditions.
This bulk carrier is a larger version of the logs-transporter 23,000DWT bulkers with improved transport efficiency. The ship is equipped with fixed or collapsible stanchions to secure the logs, depending on the loading conditions.
The name TESS means “Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship”. It was developed in the early 1980’s to deliver the highest standards of propulsion, maneuvering, stability and other performance parameters to match the needs of ship owners. The ship has a reputation for being easy to handle, and has had the support of ship owners worldwide for 30 years.
This ship is a larger version of TESS45, our popular model worldwide, with improved transport efficiency. TESS45 has better energy saving performance, which reduces CO2 emissions and offers better economic performance.
TESS52 has been further developed to this model in response to the increased marine cargo shipment of natural resources. It has better environmental performance and fuel efficiency due to the new environmental technology developed through collaboration between universities and shipping companies, and has an electronically controlled engine.
KAMSARMAX got its name by meeting the 229-meter limit on ship length at the Port of Kamsar, a major bauxite shipping port in the Republic of Guinea on the west coast of Africa. In addition to an increased deadweight, this model was developed with dramatic improvements in vessel maneuverability, stability, propulsion and fuel efficiency.
We named this new cape size bulker “T-CORE”, recently developed to be a core part of the global marine transport. T is the initial for Tsuneishi, and the acronym CORE stands for “(For) Customer’s Operation, Revenue, and Environment & Safety”. This phrase is based on the development concept; “a core force in the customer’s business”.
Pure Car & Truck Carriers
This ship has been optimized for transporting vehicles and trucks. It adopts an efficient roll-on/roll-off loading system by driving themselves through on board. It has 12 decks (3 out of which are liftable) and ramps at the stern and the amidship.
Tess 45 box
This ship has an overall length of 183m and, with its compact size, has a 45,000 DWT class loading capacity. This bulk carrier with a box-type hull is designed to transport not only bulk cargoes but also wood pulp and steel products. It has improved versatility, cargo handling efficiency, and maintenance.
Tess 35
Despite her compact size (overall length of 177 meters, a width of 30 meters and a depth of only 9.9 meters), this semi-box shaped handy bulker’s increased deadweight capacity is designed to load cargo stems of 30,000 MT +/-10% whilst also offering the versatility to load a wide variety of cargoes.