About THI

Aiming to be the world leading shipbuilder, THI will keep working on its challenges and changes.

THI factory has 2 slipways, one building dock, a floating dock for repairs and is capable of annually constructing 30 vessels ranging from 30,000 to 180,000 ton bulk carriers. It continues to build high quality vessels and nurture skilled workers with its shipbuilding expertise.
01Main entrance02Main office
03 Stdpway No.104 Stdpway No.2
05 Building dock06 Floating dock No.1
07 Floating dock No.208 Training center
09 Built-up long. factory10 Sub-assembly factory
11 Assembly factory12 Paint factory
13 tdne welding factory14 Plate joint factory
15 Block assembly factory16 Hull fabrication factory
17 Sub-assembly factory18 Steel cutting factory
19 Angle shotblast factory20 Sub gas cutting factory
21 Steel shotblast factory22 Accommodation factory
23 Stem frame factory24 Hatch cover sub factory
25 Pipe factory26 Block assembly factory
27 Mid. assembly factory28 hatch cover factory
29 Paint factory30 Angle shotblast factory
31 Angle cutting factory32 Plate bending factory
33 Sub-assembly factory34 Plate joint factory
35 Steel plate shotblast factory36 Flame planer
37 Cutting factory38 Sub-gas cutting factory
39 Warehouse40 Engine warehouse
41 Outfitting block assembly factory42 Outfitting cover factory
43 T-beam factory44 Outfitting pier
45 Loading/unloading pier46 Warehouse
47 Workshop electrical48 Steel stock area17 Sub-assembly factory


TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU) Inc. is a joint venture between Japan-based shipbuilder Tsuneishi Group(head office: Fukuyama, Hiroshima,Japan)and the Aboitiz Group. TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU), group company of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd., is celebrating its 20th year in operation in Balamban, Cebu, Philippines. TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU) builds about 20 vessels per year, centered on 30,000 ton to 180,000 ton class bulk carriers, and is one of the top shipyards in the Philippines. It employs over 10,000 people directly or through cooperative companies. TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU), Inc. received the Hall of Fame Award for Outstanding Community Projects and the Outstanding Exporter in the large enterprise category from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) making it the company's 9th recognition.
Business:Shipbuilding and repair
Established:September 1994
Employees:Approx. 13,000
(including subcontractor workers and affiliate companies)
Shipyard area:Approx. 1,470,000 square meters
Main facilities:Two building slipways, one building dock,1300-ton floating crane, etc.
Ship type of delivered:Bulk carriers, pure car & truck carriers